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Area 1 km2
Population 78900
Dominant Race human
Dominant Culture Elladan
Dominant Religion Faith of Ikoyo
Realm Vericum
Capital Phonas
Ruled by Detanie

The province of Acebdenia is an oddly shaped part of Vericum, ever since Sumegaidau County became its own province. It is located in the heart of the Empire, touching Lake Erisai. Its capital is Phonas. The territory has a total population of about 78900.

The northern part of Acebdenia is made of swamps and temperate rainforests. It is difficult terrain and many of the villages here are isolated, reachable only by cutting through the wilderness or following animal trails, with no permanent roads or even paths connecting them.

In the center and south, especially along the Imperial High Road, the population is more dense, more connected and less poor, though the land is heavily forested and farmers need to cut clearings in order to make fields.

The two other towns of the province, Plares and Scylainion are located there in the south as well.


House Detanie has been holding Acebdenia for almost two hundred years, weathering wars and politics. The loss of Sumegaidau County is still felt strongly in the politics of the province, with many of its institutions and administration offices meant for a much larger fief.


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