Elven Arrows

From Dragon Eye Atlas

Elves have more varied and more well-developed arrows than any other race. Though most of these types are known to some humans somewhere, the elven traditions, longevity and ancient civilization has made them the only race where all of these are widespread and used commonly.

Most elven arrows use tips cut from bone, as metal is rare in elven lands (with the exception of Aluraba).

Here are just a few examples:

Dual-Tipped Arrows

Many elven arrows have a U-shaped tip that has two points facing the target. This design prevents the arrow from going deep into bushes or grass when it misses, and also cause larger, more shallow wounds, making a target bleed out even if no vital organs are hit. They are much less effective against armoured targets and are used for hunting more often than in warfare.

Whistling Arrows

Used for various purposes, these arrows have arrowheads resembling a flute and when shot the air rushing past (and through) the head creates sound, typically similar to whistling.

Elves use them as communication devices within the forest, by shooting them over the tree canopy, but also as means to instill terror into their foes during battle. Some whistling arrows can be set to a number of different sounds by pressing wooden parts in or out before shooting, in order to convey different messages.

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Bouncing Arrows

These arrows are fitted with a wooden bulb near the tip and when shot at a low angle across a lake or still river, will bounce off the surface instead of entering the water. Their main use is to hunt water fowl swimming on the lake, as the arrow will stay near the water surface, neither going under the waterline nor flying up high.

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