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Official Name Kingdom of Njombia
Capital Buikwiban
Government Monarchy
Population 2,711,000
Dominant Race human
Dominant Culture Kiswaili
Dominant religion Kiswaili Faith
Flag Flag Njombia.png

Njombia is a tight-knit realm at the western coast of Auseka. It has its own religion and culture which has spread into Palan and Hanzatia, but in Njombia, all is one - politics, culture, faith.

Njombia has a bit of everything - it stretches through all climate zones that Auseka has to offer, it borders elven, dwarven and human realms, including the huge Vericum and the magic realm of Palan.

While formally a monarchy, the tribal structures that dominate the area for millenia have not been entirely replaced. Family and clan memberships are important and the individual provinces of the realm are often inhabited by people forming a tribe or clan. They are not generally hostile to foreigners, but business and political relations are an order of magnitude more common among tribe members than with outsiders.


While nominally the head of the state, the king of Njombia has limited actual power, which depends much more strongly on his own land ownership, alliances and the respect he commands among the nobles than upon the title. Throughout the history of the realm, there have been strong kings and weak kings.

The feudal hierarchical titles within Njombia are:

  1. King
  2. Principal (responsible for a province)
  3. Protector (responsible for parts of provinces, strongholds or cities)
  4. Chief (responsible for a village, city quarter or small area of lesser populated land)

Note that there is no equivalent of the unlanded knight within Njombia, as nobility and land ownership go together. The Chief is the lowest noble rank, and the closest equivalent to the knight in other realms, as his domain barely affords him a horse and armour, in many poorer regions the Chief cannot afford a full plate armour.


The population of Njombia is as varied as the lands, and has considerable numbers of non-human races, too. Elves are the lowest in number, but can be found all over the realm. The tribal structure of Njombia fits well to integrating tribes of elves, and as a result there are tribes of elves living in the forests all over Njombia, though in total they make up less than one in twenty of the people. Gnomes are more common, especially in the towns and cities, making up a bit less than one in ten, while dwarves number around the same as that, but are more concentrated, living in the mountainous areas in the north, south and along the eastern border.

In total, around 20% of the population is non-human, making Njombia the most racially diverse realm in Auseka. Of course, there are still plenty of villages where not a single non-human can be found, but in the towns and cities, the diversity is very visible, with dwarven and gnomish quarters and businesses everywhere.


This page is still incomplete and missing content or details that are planned, but have not been added yet.


This page is still incomplete and missing content or details that are planned, but have not been added yet.


 CapitalPopulationAreaRuled by
Nanalanda TerritoryNanalanda (city)270,0001Njagwe Sajala