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Pachia is a large village located at the Phonas - Volgen road in the province of Mea. It is the first/last settlement encountered when entering or exiting Mea along the road.

It is 28.2 km to the eastern gate of Phonas, making the trip between Phonas and Pachia a very long leg. Pachia is used to travellers arriving from Phonas late at night and has a guard stationed at the western tower - for it features three wooden towers, one at each road, as its defenses together with a partial wall that is little more than a palisade and covers only the southern half.

Despite its population of only 550 souls, Pachia has two inns and two general stores - one each for the common and the more refined taste and needs. They try hard to not compete with each other and instead stick to their respective niches.

There is also a windmill and a temple to support the farmers and sheep herders of the village. Wool is the major export of Pachia, mostly towards Phonas. Fresh water is drawn out of two wells, one at the village center and one further along the small forest road towards Cymel.

The steward of Pachia is Julen Collbras, an elderly man whose extensive experience and training as an official is only visible on second glance. He has spent his life governing various estates and villages for his lord, Eugen Luca, and has been given Pachia as his retirement assignment. He has been running the village with his wife Alberta for close to ten years now, and slowly but surely the two have been accepted as full members of the community.

Pachia has ten men under arms, though during peaceful times only two are on active duty at any given time with the others tending to their fields or sheep. They are equipped with leather armour, shields and longswords.

The local priest, Darius Urdanibia has no magical abilities.