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Area 204 km2
Population 1200
Dominant Race human
Dominant Culture Koryo
Dominant Religion Seogism
Realm Hampy

Pyeogc is an island located off the south-east coast of Fonticia, between the mainland and the island of Hampa to the south. It belongs to Hampy, though its remote location and low population makes it practically independent. The island is sparsely populated and doesn't have a central government. There are only eight villages on the island, surviving with a mixture of agriculture and fishing.

Most of the island is swamp or bog, caused by intense rainfalls all year. Only in the east of the island is a part where temperate rainforest dominates. The east is also where most of the population of the island lives, as surprisingly the ocean-ward side of Pyeogc is calmer and less often hit by storms.

While the main trade route between Fonticia and Hampy passes the island, larger vessels largely pass by. Only occasionally do ships stop to replenish supplies and pick up fresh water, which they have to bring aboard by boat as there are no deep water ports.

Points of Interest

Lighthouse of Saiar


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