The Hooded Man

From Dragon Eye Atlas

The Hooded Man is a wayside inn on the Volgen-Tromelos road.

The inn is located next to a ferry crossing over the Kordera river. It features a bar and kitchen, a coach house and stables within a walled compound for protection against wild animals, three guest rooms and a common room.


There used to be a second, hidden basement under the wine-cellar, containing a shrine to an unidentified greater demon. It was collapsed by a heroic group of adventurers and is now carved-in. The trapdoor leading into it is still inside the wine-cellar, but it is filled with rubble after an arm's length.




The name and layout of this inn are a homage to the old Warhammer Fantasy Roleplaying campaign "The Restless Dead", which features an inn of the same name and approximate map.